Lithuania tortures Spanish anti-Holocaust speaker

Lithuania tortures Spanish anti-Holocaust speaker


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Today is the 7th day that Spanish anti-Holocaust speaker Miquel Puertas spends in a Lithuanian prison. He was arrested on August 25, 2020, by the Lithuanian State Security Department for his public statements accusing Lithuanian national “heroes” of murdering Jews during Holocaust.

Miquel Puertas is put on the non-public list of threats to national security of Lithuania, and he is prohibited to enter Lithuania for life.

The State Security Department arrested him in Lithuania allegedly in order to deport him to Spain. However, there are no direct flights from Lithuania to Spain, and therefore, he is kept in jail until such flights start to operate. Lithuania refuses to expel the anti-Holocaust speaker by bus, by taxi or by plane with a stop in Paris, Amsterdam or London. He will be kept in jail until the first direct flight from Lithuania to Spain.

This position is the best evidence that the objective of Lithuania is not to expel the anti-Holocaust speaker from Lithuania, but to torture him in jail.

Who are those Lithuanian “heroes” and Nazi criminals?

Who are those Lithuanian “heroes” whom Miquel Puertas has insulted?

  1. Captain Jonas Noreika is responsible for murdering about 14,500 Jews from 22/06/1941 to 17/03/1943. He signed the orders to establish the Zagare Ghetto in Northern Lithuania, and to imprison all Jews and Half-Jews there. He signed the orders to nationalize Jewish property, the orders organizing slavery labor of Jews, lending them to different businessmen before killing them. He wrote a letter to the Lithuanian Minister of Interior (General Counsellor) asking to provide him 1,181,660 rubles in order to establish the Skaistgiris death camp. The Noreika’s death camp project included 40 ovens to burn people.
  2. Adolfas Ramanauskas was the military commander of the Nazi Druskininkai company from 22 June to August 1941. The Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel defines him as “one of the most brutal Jew murderers” in South Lithuania. Contemporary Lithuania awarded him the title of its President of the Republic after death.
  3. Kazis Škirpa was a Prime Minister of the Lithuanian Nazi Government in 1941. He is famous for addressing Adolf Hitler with a proposal to expand the World War II to the Eastern Europe. Škirpa was the key advocate of Holocaust in Lithuania.
  4. Vytautas Landsbergis-Žemkalnis was a Minister of Communal Economy at the Lithuanian Nazi Government in 1941. This Ministry was responsible for administration of ghettos.
  5. Juozas Krikštaponis was a military commander in the 12th Lithuanian National Socialist Battalion that murdered about 46,000 Jews during Holocaust.
  6. Povilas Plechavicus was the chief commander of the Lithuanian Nazi military forces in 1944. It is true that, in May 1944, Plechavicius decided to run away, but this was not related to change of his Nazi vision of the World. His pants were wet due to the approaching Soviet Army. Lithuanian Nazis were used to murder unarmed civilians, and the very idea of facing the regular Soviet Army forced them run away.
  7. Antanas Baltusis was the head of security at the Majdanek death camp.

These are the heroes of the contemporary Lithuania admired and glorified by President Gitanas Nauseda and Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis. All those “heroes” were decorated with the Knight’s Cross, promoted to the ranks of “colonel”, “general” or “President of the Republic” after death within the last 30 years.

This is the contemporary face and identity of Lithuania.

The “Jewish gang”

The State Security Department of Lithuania keeps the so-called “Jewish gang” on the List of Threats to National Security. There are 2 lists: a short and public, and a long and non-public.

On 27 of July 2018, the United Nations Human Rights Committee declared the Lithuanian List of Threats to National Security illegal and contrary to the freedom of expression and to the freedom of association. Nevertheless, Lithuania refuses to execute the decision of the UN on abolishing this List.

Miquel Puertas is on the long and non-public List.

Who are the members of the “Jewish gang”?

  1. Miquel Puertas.
  2. Viaceslav Titov. He was sentenced to a fine of € 10,000 for his oral statement against the monument to the “President and general” Adolfas Ramanauskas due to his role in Holocaust. Moreover, the same single oral statement twice led to the annulment of the election of Titov to the Klaipeda City Council, and currently Lithuania considers prohibiting him to stand for election until the end of his life.
  3. Rafael Muksinovas was placed at the List of Threats to National Security for his public oral statement Lithuania was an anti-Semitic State before the Nazi occupation. The United Nations concluded that Lithuania must remove him from this List, but Lithuania refuses.
  4. Giedrius Grabauskas. A Lithuanian court ordered him an involuntary commitment to a mental institution for an examination due to his statement that Lithuanian national “heroes” were killing Jews in 1941. The Lithuanian judges believe that only a person with a schizophrenia might make such statements. If, finally, the medical conclusion is that he is not mentally sick, then he will get a € 10,000 fine in the same manner as Titov. Apparently, Grabauskas did not act alone, but in a cooperation with Grant Gochin and Silvia Foti.
  5. Stanislovas Tomas. I am sentenced to 3 months of prison for smashing the memorial plaque of Jonas Noreika with a sledgehammer on the 8th of April 2019. Currently, I am wanted by the Lithuanian police.

Neo-Nazi Judge Egidijus Kuris of the ECHR, the UN and the EU

Unfortunately, there are no chances to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). The Lithuanian Government succeeded to nominate the Neo-Nazi Judge Egidijus Kuris to the European Court of Human Rights.

For this reason, the “Jewish gang” decided to appeal to the United Nations Human Rights Committee. The European Court of Human Rights does not deserve to receive complaints about Holocaust denial until such Neo-Nazis as Egidijus Kuris remain its judges.

However, it is very bad that the European Union ignores the Holocaust denial by Lithuania.

I do not agree with the fact that the European Union reacts immediately to the most insignificant and trivial human rights breaches in Africa, but totally ignores that there are political prisoners in the very European Union. Perhaps, the reason is that Gitanas Nauseda has white skin.



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